Walton, Joe Principal

Adcock, Vicki ELA 6th and 7th
Boman, Kathleen SPED inclusion
Castleberry, Lea Math 5th and 6th
Dean, Ashley 6th and 7th Math
Etheridge, Joey Social Studies 7th and 8th
George, Shelley ELA 5th and 6th
Gibson, Brookley Science 7th
Gibson, Scott Technology Foundations 8th
Harris, Jasmine ELA 8th
Johnson, Jessica 6th ELA
Manasco, Brent SPED inclusion
McLeod, Renee Keyboarding
Miska, Tammy SPED inclusion
Roberson, Lynn Science 8th
Satcher, Paige Science and Social Studies 6th and 7th
Shumaker, Ronnie Social Studies 5th
Thomas, Melissa SPED self-contained
Walton, Penelope ELA 7th
Weir, Kayla Math 6th and 8th

Fant, Debbie Librarian
McQueen, Rena Intervention/PE